Psychological Team

We would like to welcome you to The OCD Clinic and introduce our team of clinical psychologists. Our clinic is unique as all we do is treat OCD spectrum disorders. Lead by Director Dr Emily O’Leary, this OCD Psychology team is dedicated in improving the lives of those impacted by OCD and related disorders.  We have a passion for making a difference through the use of only evidenced based treatments and a genuine interest in the person behind the disorder. We really look forward to working with you.

Meet the Psychological Team

Brad Shaw

Principal Researcher

Dr. Emily O’Leary

Managing Director
Anthony Teoh Clinical Psychologist

Anthony Teoh

Clinic Director
Phoebe O’Leary Clinical Psychologist

Phoebe O’Leary

Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Daphne Bryan Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Daphne Bryan

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Katie Thompson

Clinical Psychologist

Zoe Quick

Clinical Psychologist

Taylor-Jane Cox

Clinical Psychologist

Kim Stirling

Clinical Psychologist Registrar

Ian McKerrell

Clinical Psychology Registrar

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