Referral Process

To make referrals to the Clinic, contact the client intake team on (07) 3395 5335. Alternatively, complete the Referral Form on the website. We have created this brief video to outline the referral process and why to refer to us.

Referred clients are screened and placed with the appropriately trained clinician. If a clinician is not available, your client is placed on a waiting list, and will be contacted as soon as possible. Clients are usually contacted via telephone by the Practice Manager or Intake Team to gather additional information about your client’s treatment needs

Progress Reports

Our clinicians will forward a summary of diagnostic reports and treatments to you as soon as it becomes available.

Online services for referring providers

We have a secure online referral service through the website to help you refer patients to the OCD Clinic. We also use Medical Objects with all communications as well as posting all documents.

Psychiatric Services

There are two adult psychiatrists on staff who are able to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness and review client’s medication needs.

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