Treatment Programs for Childrens & Teens

Cognitive Behavioural Treatment (CBT) helps children develop skills that change their thinking in OCD situations and increases their ability to cope by themselves. This therapy involves gradually exposing children to things they’re anxious about so they can learn to manage their feelings. The child and therapist develop a list of situations that cause the child to feel anxious. With the help of the therapist, the child then gradually faces these fears and learns that they can be managed. Treatment typically consists of about 10 sessions completed on a weekly basis. The goal of CT is to:

  • Build a toolbox of techniques to “Boss Back OCD”
  • Teach the child and parents to be experts on OCD and how behavioural treatment works
  • Decrease the child’s symptoms through successful completion of exposures to OCD-inducing situations
  • Teach the child and parents how to conduct exposure therapy on their own so they can continue working at home

At the OCD Clinic we offer the above individually tailored treatment or we have a number of manual based programs with proven efficacy. The CBT approach has long-term benefits for the treatment of OCD.

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