About us

The OCD Clinic operates on a foundation of core values, with a focus on treating Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders.

We treat a variety of disorders, including skin picking, OCD, hoarding, emetophobia, anxiety disorders and body dysmorphic disorder. We enjoy working with clients across the lifespan.

We balance structured treatment programs alongside novel approaches, like Virtual Reality Therapy, to enhance outcomes and accessibility. We recognize the complexity of OCD and approach it with a strategy that embraces the individual as there is no “typical case”.

Upon entering our clinic, you’ll find a professional and warm atmosphere. We balance the seriousness of our work with a down-to-earth approach, reflecting our commitment to not just treating OCD but supporting you through every step of your recovery.

If you’re seeking a supportive team to guide you through your recovery, The OCD Clinic is ready to welcome you.

Our team

Dr. Emily O’Leary

Managing Director

Dr. Kim Stirling

Principal Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Daphne Bryan

Clinical Psychologist

Zoe Quick

Clinical Psychologist

Taylor-Jane Cox

Clinical Psychologist

Nidhi Gupta

Clinical Psychologist

Natasha Roughan

Clinical Psychologist

Ian McKerrell

Clinical Psychologist

Sally Youdale

Clinical Psychologist

Chelsea Nicol

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Abby Kortlang

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Georgia Coonan

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Connor Doig

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Joshua Jentjens

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Sidonie Skiba

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Olivia Bateup

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Claudia Kinnane

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Sara Jacobsen

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Peter Hanbury

Chief Finance Officer

Sarah Price

Practice Manager

Brittany Becht

Administrative Supervisor

Brad Shaw

Principal Researcher

Our values

Our vision is to be the clinic of choice for Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders in Australia. We are guided by our values, and they provide a framework for our interactions with each other and our clients. Our values centre around:


We strive to demonstrate ethical principles in all that we do. Integrity is the foundation on which we build our therapeutic and collegial relationships. Trust and integrity is one of the fundamental values that we evaluate when reviewing new team members.


Is fundamental to our identity as clinicians and people. While attitudes can change, the ability to remain authentic to ourselves keeps us grounded and safe clinically. We are honest with our ideals and work hard to ensure our actions align with our values.


Accountability is all about responsibility and transparency. Responsibility begins with accepting where your client is at and delivering a well formulated treatment plan. Accountability shapes a culture of trust, transparency, and positivity. We encourage a culture of feedback from our clients and our team.


We take pride in providing quality service to our clients. We maintain rigorous training standards and supervision for all of our work. We genuinely care about the delivery of our service, ranging from administrative, psychological and after care. We want you to meet your expectations.